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Health & Safety

We at Oakleaf are passionate about the service we provide and about the safety of all involved in all of our projects but sadly many aren’t.

In July 2015 there was a change to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations in an attempt to further reduce accident, injury and sickness in the construction industry. Unfortunately the outcome of this has been a noticeable rise in the number of health and safety prosecutions both for construction related businesses and the clients who employ them.

As a client under the new regulations you yourself have duties you must uphold to ensure you are compliant. You must ensure if you have one or more contractors working on your site you have appointed a Principle Contractor who will manage the works being done and a Principle Designer who will ensure all working on the design of the works have fulfilled their roles. There is also a duty to notify the Health and Safety Executive of all construction projects which may last longer than 30 days and has more than 20 workers exceeding 500 person days. If all this seem a lot there’s no need to panic. Oakleaf has a duty to ensure you understand your role before any works commence.
So many clients are falling foul of the recent change in regulations. It is not uncommon for the client to be prosecuted alongside the contractors when the worst happens. A Quick google search will surely bring up many recent examples.

Oakleaf prides itself on not only exception quality of works but very low incident figures. In fact last year we have no reportable injuries. A statistic many companies would be envious of.
There’s an old saying in many walks of life “you get what you pay for” and sadly many of the independent contractors simply cannot afford to comply with the law leaving their customer open to prosecution and their staff at risk of person harm.

We might not be the cheapest quote you get but rest assured we do the job properly, we protect our staff and we protect our customers.

As Main Contractors Safety on site is a primary concern, and all of our sites are subject to safety inspections and audits to ensure that our Team and employed contractors are as safe as possible at their place of work.

Weather working alongside Architects, commercial or domestic clientele, we always Adera to CDM regulations and make sure we work in a safe and professional manor

we comply with all current health and safety regulations via our external advisers, C2 Safety, who provide us with regular health and safety training.

All of C2 Safety Advisers hold as a minimum, the NEBOSH General Certificate and the NEBOSH Construction Certificate in occupational safety and health. They also have an annual programme of refresher training and continuous professional development for all Advisers.

C2 Safety employ safety advisers throughout the south west and their main activity is carrying out site inspections on members’ sites as well as giving advice to members on health & safety and environmental issues. Sites are allocated to safety advisers purely by geographical location in order to keep travel to a minimum.

Downloadable Documents

CoSHH Policy Document (pdf, 1MB)
Health & Safety Policy Document, Updated November 2017 (pdf, 3MB)
CDM Flow Chart Information Document (pdf, 997kb)